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How I bounced back from burnout and black dog

Hi there! I'm Lucy and I trained as a homeopath, after being so inspired by it's effectiveness for my own health, when I was burnt out and exhausted, and nothing else seemed to work.


I look back now, and laugh at some of the extents I went to, to try to combat the exhaustion and creep of the black dog. But it was no laughing matter at the time, and I can all too easily remember the rollercoaster of searching for solutions, books, websites and supplements - anything or anyone that might be able to help, in the fight to feel myself again.

It wasn't a pretty journey, nor an overnight one! But I remember clearly to this day, my first appointment and the realisation that things were about to change. Homeopathy helped me physically with energy, mentally to gain better clarity, and emotionally in getting back my confidence, as well as having a wonderful homeopath who listened and supported me from that very first meeting.


I would sit in​ his clinic, wishing I could inspire and help people as much as he did. And here I am now, fighting fit and helping change lives, just as he did mine. 

At my clinic, and through online consultations, I see people with a whole range of acute and chronic symptoms, who use homeopathy on its own, or alongside other treatments and medication. 

My passion is helping professionals who are experiencing burnout, stress or depression. As a qualified counsellor with a love of the great outdoors, I also combine homeopathy with wilderness therapy - outdoor counselling retreats that enable me to provide a complete system of health, support, adventure and confidence.

Before homeopathy, I was a Commissioned Officer in the British Army, and I now help patients from across the forces community, understanding the unique role that service life, both past and present, has to play in our live and families.

I trained at the world renowned School of Homeopathy, and hold an Advanced Professional Diploma (PD Hom Adv) in Homeopathy, as well as diplomas in Pathology & Disease, Anatomy & Physiology, Psychotherapeutic Counselling (Dip PsyC), Leadership Coaching & Mentoring (ILM5), and Neurolinguistic Programming (ANLPTA). I then completed my Post Graduate course in homeopathy at The Welsh School of Homeopathy, and have completed the Trevor Gunn course in holistic biochemistry. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions. I really look forward to working together with you soon.

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